Golden Gate Bridge at Sunset

golden gate sunset

I love photographing sunsets!

Here’s the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset.  🙂






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Here’s a picture of a lotus among the lily pads.

As you may know, the lotus is an important symbol in the Buddhist religion.

I love photographing flowers, and hope to start posting some of my photographic prints on etsy soon 🙂




The Internet: City of Light, City of Magic

Yes, I stole that quote from Morrowind.

Anyway, there are a few helpful things I had read on the internet that I wanted to pass along.

1. Reviving a waterlogged cell phone

My cell phone fell out of my pocket on a rainy day and sat in a parking lot for at least 8 hours.  It was sitting in a pool of water.  The inside of the phone was wet and all seemed lost.

I took the battery out right away and started drying the phone out.  I used a blow dryer, which is NOT recommended since it can melt delicate parts inside the phone.  Eventually I decided to look on the internet for a solution.

A few websites said to place your phone into a bowl of uncooked rice for a few days (battery out).  So I tried that.  And I even waited an extra day just to make sure; 3 days total.  However, I should have waited longer.  Turning my phone on after 3 days fried the outer display (I have a flip phone) and the internal speaker is too quiet.  Everything seemed to look perfect at first, it was only after the phone was on awhile that the outer display stopped working.  I recommend that you learn from my mistake and wait at least a week to ensure it is completely dry.

I would also like to note that it was necessary to charge the battery; the phone didn’t wake up until I had it plugged into the wall.

2: How to make a scratched DVD play

I got a scratched DVD from Netflix and it had a few badly scratched areas that refused to play.  I looked to my friend, the Internet, for a solution.

The solution is: furniture/wood polish.  It doesn’t have to be a name brand.  Just spray that stuff on there, use a microfiber (or soft cotton, do not user paper based cloths or your DVD will get more scratched!) cloth, and make sure you get most of the polish off.  The surface of the DVD may look slightly greasy.  I would like to note that I didn’t insert this DVD into my laptop because it doesn’t have a DVD tray and I didn’t want polish to mess up the insides.  I put this into my notoriously fickle, old DVD player (literally from the year 1999).  And the disc played perfectly. I was shocked, but it worked.