Scammy Scammers

So, quite unsurprisingly, Universal AR was a scam.



On Twitter, their name has now changed to PyramidMusicInc.

Looks like they did some recruiting through Myspace as well:

And wouldn’t you know it, their website has taken on a whole new look…

Universal AR is now wanting to recruit models:



My opinion: if you have been contacted by these scammers, contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center.




Universal AR Online

I am VERY disappointed.

I’ve been trying to access their website to submit an EPK for the entire week, and first, the website they sent me said it was no longer active.  This site:

So, then, via Twitter, I was directed to another site:

This site appears to work.  However, it does not work when I try to log in.  In addition, the retrieve password function is entirely worthless.  I have monitored my email like a hawk and nothing has arrived to tell me my actual password.

Via Twitter, as well as email, they have not responded to my repeated requests for access, despite the fact that my username/password is no longer active.  The email address on the site, does not work. Pretty unprofessional…

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Well, at least I have a pretty sweet EPK now!