the cold

I’ve been working on this song for awhile. I’ve finally put it on Bandcamp. I am not sure if this will be the final version, but it’s part of my idea to get the songs out there before I release the album. I’m going to start small and branch out…

If people are interested in these songs, then I’ll definitely release a CD/vinyl/something.  If not, then I won’t!  At least I’ll have these songs out of my system and will have room in my head for new creations.

This song is about the cold and the ocean. It’s an acoustic song. It features a female vocalist (me). You might like this song if you like Adele or R.E.M. or Tori Amos… or maybe if you just hate the cold.

or you can go to the website:


For the love of music



So today I had the opportunity to sing (as part of a choir group) with Vienna Teng at the Power Center in A2!  This was very exciting for me, as I love her voice and her music (and also, I love to sing ^-^ ).  A local musician, Katie Lee, started the show with a beautiful set.  It was great to see two extremely talented female Asian-American singer-songwriters take the stage and amaze the audience.  Katie and Vienna were both very warm and great to talk to!

The show was really inspiring to me as a musician.

I’ve been writing music since I was 14 years old.  Over the last few years, I’ve felt really discouraged about pursing my love of music and writing and creating music.  I think this will change… my guitar is dusty and needs some attention.  I have bits and pieces of songs scattered around, it’s time to put them all together.  It’s time to record every song that I’ve ever written.  I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do with the recordings, but I am sure that I need to work harder at becoming more like myself…

Summer Photoshoot with Christine

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This is the first photoshoot that Christine and I worked on this year.

We went for a natural look and had the weeping willow trees set the scene.  Here’s a few of my favorites from this session.

In the Fields

I love the autumn.

This photograph goes with this song that I wrote when I was fifteen or sixteen.  Both the song and photograph were created in a very different time period in my life… a time that feels very close to my heart… in the autumn.