A lovely Valentine~

A lovely Valentine~

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ve been sending valentines to my friends and family and I was looking for a good valentine featuring Jack Bauer from 24. Well, I couldn’t find a good one. So I made one myself πŸ™‚ Obviously it’s … Continue reading

Awesome Graphic Design

Have you ever noticed that news websites tend to employ people who are capable of producing the “awesomest” graphic design?

Maybe I’m just a pretentious art student-type… but I really wonder if the people who are behind the graphics on these websites are deliberately producing the weirdest, worst looking, most horrible juxtapositions of text and image ever created (I prefer not to, but you could look at Fox News on any given day and see an awful example appear before your very eyes.)Β  Tabloids of course, are infamous for horrible graphic design.

The reason I bring this up, is because I was randomly surfing the web and I came across this:

It is an anime about health care!  Special guest appearance by Pres. Obama

"Uh...What? There is a cartoon caduceus behind me? It's kind of creeping me out."

I saw this and I thought: SERIOUSLY???????

Someone gets paid to do this??????Β  Good thing I spent all that time and money getting my degree in art.Β  Because although I do not benefit financially from having that degree (yet?), I am good at critiquing now.Β  I haven’t done it in awhile, so I might be kind of rusty.

Let me share a haiku to explain what I see when I look at this image:

Cartoon caduceus

President in mid-sentence

Bad use of half-tone

And is it just me or do you see a touch of lens flare above Obama’s shoulder?

If you look under the snake’s face (on the right side), you can see just the shadow of another snake face…

Okay, I need to stop looking at this before my brain explodes!