Vincent Chin and Asian-American Activism


I still struggle to raise my voice.
Sometimes overwhelmed by the futility of it all.
After all, has hashtag activism and blogging gotten us anywhere?
Maybe not, in the large scope of things.
But it’s enough sometimes, to read a word, a sentence, a story, and to know that you’re not alone.
We share a similar path at times.

Together, we can raise our voices and be heard…


a letter from myself


I’ve playing ukulele a lot and rediscovering my old songs.  Rewriting old lyrics.  Dusting off the cobwebs.  Examining this historical record of my secret past thoughts and dreams.

Some songs never felt complete.

Some never felt quite right.

Some are just fun to play on the uke.

I was trying to get the intro right and the recording here is probably the 4th or 5th take (hence the swearing at the beginning).  I decided to leave it in because 1: it’s authentic and 2: I like swearing. (笑)

It’s funny how so many years can fly by, but I still feel the exact same way.

FoTC and Detroit

Tonight I went to see one of the funniest bands ever, Flight of the Conchords at the Fox Theater in Downtown Detroit.

It was AWESOME.  We had great seats on the main floor (pre-sale… oh yeah.)

If you are not familiar with them, they have a comedy show that is a parody of their lives as struggling rockers from New Zealand who are trying to make it in the US… also, they rock.

The only downside of the show was that cameras were prohibited.  As in, they made the girl behind us who was taking pictures disappear. A guy pointed at her with a flashlight and told her to stop and then the guy came back with another person and they escorted her out.  She never came back. I felt bad for her because I am usually the type of person who sneaks cameras into shows.  But this was not really the type of venue to do that kind of thing…

So, I took some pictures of the outside of the theater with my camera phone… not as cool as pics of the show but oh well.

the fox theater

the fox theater

close up of the fox sign

close up of the fox sign