But life got in the way…

Autumn has left the trees bare… here’s a picture I took earlier, when the leaves had just started to change.

Unfortunately, I’m pretty far behind on everything, including posting pictures.  I have a bunch of beautiful photographs that I took this year that are still hidden on my computer…

It’s hard to escape the crushing obligation of working for someone else, or the dreariness of mundane tasks that need to be done, instead of doing what you want to do with your life.
But I hope someday I can spend my life documenting these little moments in time.  It’s what I love to do.


Yoga @ the Arb and Island Park

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I met up with some old high school friends for the latest photoshoot!

On this cool autumn day, we wandered around the Arb and Island Park in Ann Arbor taking pictures.  It was very serene and relaxing, the leaves and water were so beautiful!


Halloween Leftovers

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Just posting a few pics from Halloween, I guess the biggest problem with hosting a party is that you are too busy to take very many pictures!  I’m still hoping we can get another few weeks of the beautiful color changes in autumn…

In the Fields

I love the autumn.

This photograph goes with this song that I wrote when I was fifteen or sixteen.  Both the song and photograph were created in a very different time period in my life… a time that feels very close to my heart… in the autumn.