I’ve been working on recording some new stuff and brightening up old stuff that I recorded.

I’ve been using a great mastering service called Landr.

Here’s a cover I did of one of my favorite R.E.M. songs.  Most people probably don’t know it.  It’s from New Adventures in Hi-Fi, an amazing and underrated album.

It’s hard to approach covering songs that I love, I only try to cover them if I think I can do it differently somehow.



I’ve been working really hard on this song and video for months now. I’m really happy that it’s finally done! I directed, shot and edited the video.  My friend Ray Sarver helped arrange the music and Christine Pontois is the lead actress. This is also one of the first major collaborations that I’ve done and I’m pretty pleased with the results!

Counting Crows – Cover Song Contest on Indaba Music

Check out this submission in Counting Crows – Cover Song Contest on Indaba Music.

So I just recorded and uploaded a cover of Counting Crows “Round Here” for this contest.

I don’t expect to win [AT ALL], but I am a fan and I’ve wanted to record a cover of this song for awhile, and now it is done!

It’s a little rough, but it’s just me playing live in a cozy, yet echoe-y part of the house.

If I could even record 1 song a week, I’d be happy.  I’ve been playing piano a lot lately, but there is something clicky about the E Flat key and it’s kind of LOUD.