Conversation Hearts

Valentine’s Day is not my favorite holiday by any stretch of the imagination.

I never wanted to be the type of person who flaunted my happiness in my relationship as other people suffer or are lonely.  I always hated people like that when I was single!

Not to mention the corporate card and flower industries that lurk behind this insidious holiday!

The most interesting thing about Valentine’s Day to me (besides trying to make coherent thoughts from conversation hearts) are the valentines that people make.  My personal favorite are these Skyrim ones (as I am obsessed with Skyrim and a huge Elder Scrolls nerd):

I wish I would have thought of making these brilliant v-day cards!

Winter Dreams

Winter Dreams

Reflecting on the year. Good and bad… Suffering. Estrangement. Loved ones lost. The true friends that stand by your side through the bad times. Looking in the mirror and realizing that you are living a lie. Not knowing why you gave up, and picking yourself back up and trying again. The comfort of love. The lost years waiting. The loss of light… gaining insight. Finding the common threads that connect us all. Feeling lost and knowing that the answer was right there all along… Here’s hoping for a better future.

Halloween Leftovers

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Just posting a few pics from Halloween, I guess the biggest problem with hosting a party is that you are too busy to take very many pictures!  I’m still hoping we can get another few weeks of the beautiful color changes in autumn…