I’m a freelance photographer, singer-songwriter and multimedia artist. I like taking dramatic self-portraits.


Photographer: I have photographed weddings and engagements and other special events.  Please click on the Event Photography tab if you would like to see some more of my photography!

Artist: My work has been exhibited at the Detroit Artists Market and the Museum of New Art and more.  My art is in numerous private collections, in some form or another.

Musician: I’ve been a rather secretive musician.  I write lyrics, I sing, I play some instruments (I don’t dance).  I’m very slowly working to record songs independently and release them into the world like lost little birds. I recently made a music video called POISONOUS. If you do a quick Google search, you should be able to find some of my songs to listen to free/cheap if you are so inclined.   Or click on the MUSIC tab!  I have an EP called “a single breath” that’s floating out there on the internet.

TMI: Some of my recent obsessions include Florence + the Machine, unsweetened iced green tea, and interior design.  I love cats. =^..^=


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