Overwhelmed with possibility


No matter how much I accomplish, it never feels like enough. I’m sure that it’s part of the human condition to always want more but I always feel like I am just catching up.
There’s so many things that I want to do, so many skills that I’d like to improve, so many places I’d like to see, so many people I’d like to meet…
It gets overwhelming.
I don’t have an answer or a solution.
I wish sometimes that I was a person with a singular focus.
Then I could say “Aha, this is it! This is the ONE thing that I love to do and I can focus all of my dreams and energy into this.”
Instead I am distracted and obsessed with all of the things that I love, music, photography, and why not start drawing again? Why not become good at cooking? Study more kanji? Lift heavier weights? Run faster? Have a cleaner house? Have a prettier yard? Play the piano? Learn interior design? Sound engineering? Play the uke? Play alternate tunings? Write better lyrics? Take more photos? Write more blog posts? Find more inspiration? Travel more? Eat better food?

Seems like every time I focus on one skill or one particular thing, my other skills fade away.  I want to do everything, and I want it all. I’m overwhelmed with the possibility. It makes me want to take a nap.


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