It’s all the rage

To write some words on a page
To write these words that you say
To write some words, anyway

I have a hard time blogging
Because I don’t like to talk about myself
But I don’t want to be an artist
Who dies at age 95
And in the attic are remnants of when I was alive
But nobody knew it.
And I never showed it to anyone

So I struggle to open up
Enough to share my voice
(or make some noise)

It’s no use to hide…



2 thoughts on “It’s all the rage

    • Yes… a lot of times I feel like it’s a little self-indulgent to talk about myself and my goals and dreams and what is on my mind. But then I think of how much it can help when you reach out and try to connect with people. We’re all human and it’s OK to talk about what you like and not worry too much about how others will react or what they will think all the time. 🙂

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