I first noticed in March of this year that someone was trying to steal my look.

It’s not that I’m well known or internet famous or that this person even knows me.

This person is an acquaintance of a person who is close to me.  It was once mentioned that she had a similar hairstyle to mine (when my hair was highlighted red).  Then it was noted that her hair was again, similar to mine (when my hair was pink, purple and blue…yeah, I’m sure most of your friends have hair that color, but you can call me crazy for being suspicious.)

I don’t know her and have never met her (and frankly, don’t want to.)

some of the many hair colors I’ve had in the last year

I discovered that this person had copied every hair color, every hairstyle I’ve had for the last year.

She had even copied the composition in my personal Facebook profile pictures.  I posed with my cat in a picture, they posted a photo with identical composition (hair covering one eye, cat facing the same direction) within the next 30 days.

I posted this picture where I’m wearing a mask, they posted a similar picture – and it wasn’t during Halloween.  I compiled several pieces of “evidence” before hitting the block button.   (I’m sure it’s not too hard to still copy off of my public profile pictures but I was tired of seeing it.)

I’m sure everyone has a picture of themselves in a black superhero mask, no?

It REALLY creeped me out, and really upset me.  (Still does creep me out.)

Some people have said that I should take it as a compliment.  But I don’t.

I have heroes that I emulate, yes, I am influenced by J-rockers and their cool hairstyles.  But I have not copied every hairstyle that a particular person has ever had for a year…

You can borrow a little, but when you try to become someone else it crosses into creeper territory.

What’s wrong? Can’t grow luscious, wavy blonde hair?

I don’t want to have to hide WHO I AM, but it makes me uncomfortable that someone has been trying to co-opt my identity or to take my ideas or style as their own.  I suppose this is something that happens when you exist on the internet, but seriously?

Why be a cheap imitation when you can be an original?


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