Free Poison

Here is a link to download my song “Poisonous” for free.

It’s kind of a singer-songwriter alt-rock tinged with electronica type of thing.

If you know someone… let’s say a friend… who is dating someone who happens to be a terrible excuse for a human being… please play your friend this song.  Or just play this video.

The lyrics are rather blunt and leave little to the imagination.  But there are still people who just won’t get it, so you may need to help them out.

I’m not saying it will work.  Sometimes the friend will never learn, other times they will only discover the true nature of their significant other under the worst possible circumstances.  And unfortunately, sometimes there won’t be anything you can do.

I think it’s important to be able to recognize emotionally shallow/unempathetic people and to stay far away from them.  Sure, they’ll probably keep on destroying everything and everyone in their path.  But don’t say I never warned ya.


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