Blogging is more difficult than one would think

At least consistently blogging.

Would it be called “blogger’s block”?  Sounds like a disease or something.

Anyway, it’s always good to re-evaluate goals and such.

I like to think about identity and since I identify as a artist/musician/etc. it is important to evaluate whether I am fulfulling my duties as someone who likes to think of themself as such.

It’s been a year since I’ve painted; am I still a painter?

I have tons of ideas for awesome paintings.  I just… don’t have a studio or any space to paint.  I like painting big… I envision my next series to be 4×3 or even 5×4 foot paintings.  I could make room to paint, but honestly it would be a huge pain in the ass and I would likely end up with paint all over the carpet.  Basically there are a few obstacles I have to overcome in order to start painting again.

I have played music live fairly recently, in October for the Rock & Rose Breast Cancer Benefit.  Unfortunately, although there were approximately 15 people photographing me during the show, I have yet to see any decent pictures of my short performance there.  My work schedule is making it very difficult to work playing live into my schedule.

The good news is, I am working on starting our new band, “The Grimps”.  We may be serious and we may not, it’s hard to tell at this stage.  However, I am going to work on making some merch and we’ll see how good we get as a band in the next year.  I think we are all pretty psyched about it!

The Grimps!



I just wonder if it is possible to do everything you want to do, obligations as well as personal goals and aspirations, without having to sacrifice anything.  I doubt it!





*I would also like to point out that Universal Music never returned the money they took from me… perhaps I should call and demand my money?



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