R.E.M. Reckoning

To buy, or not to buy… that is the question.

But I have more questions.

Why is there a deluxe edition of Reckoning?  Couldn’t they have just released the previously unreleased tracks as a live album (after all, Live at the Olympia is coming out soon.)

I guess it is remastered, but I already have 2 copies of Reckoning.  I have the original CD which I purchased in the early/mid 90’s and then I have the IRS years vintage version, which I picked up somewhere at a really good price.

I’m thinking of buying the mp3 album for the following reasons:

1. It is significantly cheaper

2. I am thinking of cleaning up and organizing my iPod so I actually want to listen to music with my iPod.  It will be a massive project, but satisfying in the end.

3. My cat has destroyed several of my CDs by peeing all over them.  She killed all of my STP CDs, which made me really sad.  She barely missed R.E.M. and that is the only reason she still lives! (She still has like 7 or 8 lives or something anyway).

4. I (essentially) already have two copies of the album in CD form.


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