Pandora, and being half-Asian

So, I’ve been listening to a lot of internet radio lately, and the best site that I have found so far is Pandora, as far as a station that will play what you want to hear and that is good at predicting what you like to hear.

I think the only problem that I have noticed is that because they are breaking down songs into parts (i.e., “dynamic female vocal”), a person has to listen and categorize all of these songs, so they are missing a lot of very good songs.  And of course, there are things mislabeled.  When you type in Cocco (as in the Okinawan J-pop artist) you get some band that is really called Coco and is totally unrelated.  

Another huge flaw is that Pandora does not have my favorite J-Rock group, GLAY, aka “The Japanese Beatles”.

They do have a fairly good selection of music from around the world, so I will give them kudos for that. is fun because it “scrobbles” your music, and tracks everything that you listen to, so that you can share compatibility with your friends.  I was also able to easily upload my music to, where Pandora does not currently have an option for that. 

The issue that I have with is that it seems to categorize artists by popularity (major label vs. not) when you want to listen to a specific genre.  And if you listen to a genre station for more than an hour, it will literally start playing the exact same songs over again.  Probably the worst thing is that if you want to listen to Ben Folds, for example, and you type his name in the search box, it will play music that they think sounds like Ben Folds, but will NEVER actually play a Ben Folds song.  Which is really frustrating.


But I found out a weird thing the other day.  I guess people started tagging artists… according to how Asian they are!?

So under the “half-asian” tag, I am one of the top artists. (Second row from the top, on the right)


straight from

straight from


I will say I don’t think that this tag is entirely accurate; I’m sure some of the women (and it is all women on this page for some reason) are entirely Asian.



5 thoughts on “Pandora, and being half-Asian

    • I have actually never heard of Spotify, but both of these sites do offer free music. And I forgot to mention that a cool thing that does is to track your songs from your mp3 player and/or computer and then when you are at another computer you can listen to your library through the website.

  1. Oh yea I forgot, I think Spotify is invitation-only at the moment for people outside of the UK.

    Thanks for the tip, will have to try out when I get some spare time to enjoy music! 🙂

  2. do you know which Asian artists are on Pandora? Since there are so few, I’m trying to find a list of what’s [i]there[/i] as opposed to typing names into the search box and always coming up blank. They have a lot more Japanese artists than Chinese and Korean ones, though.

    • I don’t think I have heard any Chinese artists on Pandora and only maybe one Korean artist, if that. I have noticed Japanese artists like Gackt, L’Arc~en~ciel, Mucc, Yoko Kanno, the Pillows, Utada Hikaru, etc. I think basically if you can find it on iTunes, you will hear it on Pandora as well. Although I haven’t really listened to Pandora in the last few months so maybe they have added more artists.

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