April 18th is Record Store Day

If you are a person who loves music, it is likely that you have gone to a record store.  It is also likely that some of your favorite record stores no longer exist.  (I can think of at least three.)

I am really excited about celebrating Record Store Day this year!  (And no, Best Buy is not a record store.)

So join me and other music lovers across the country by going into your local record store this Saturday and supporting them.  I am excited about stopping in some of the places I used to frequent as a teenager with a lot of spending money, and although I don’t have that kind of cash to throw around now, I wish I did.

If you are looking for some places to go in Metro Detroit, three locations right off of Gratiot are Record Time, Hot Hits and Melodies and Memories.  Those shops are located in the Roseville/Eastpointe area.  There’s also Rockabilly’s, which is off of Hall Road near downtown Utica.  Royal Oak used to have an awesome record store that also had great posters and rare recordings, but they’ve been gone for years.  I think they may have been shut down for selling bootlegs… but I’m not sure.  Anyway, I haven’t been to Royal Oak in awhile so I don’t know if there are any good stores there.  If anyone knows of any other record stores in the area, let me know!


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