Bonfire and Duct Tape and Painting!

It is finally warm outside – it reached almost 70 degrees today so we are having an impromptu bonfire.

I have been cleaning out the green room I mean, my painting studio so I can actually paint in it instead of trip over a bunch of crap.  I have a few paintings in the pile that are technically done that I should probably put somewhere.

But anyway, I was excited because at Target (pronounced the French way of course) I found duct tape in many different colors!  I had to restrain myself and only bought neon green, bright pink and purple.

Besides making the obvious duct tape wallet, there must be other, more impressive things that can be made with duct tape.  So far, I have only made a ring, which I created while I was watching Heroes.  I will have to do more research on this matter.

I’m not sure what my next painting will be but Matt has an idea about a painting he wants to have commissioned, which is probably going to be something really crazy…


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